We are a modern Cape Cod veterinary practice 

                               with that "country doctor" feel.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest quality of veterinary medicine. We love creating long term relationships that nurture and cherish the members of the Cape Cod community.Wellfleet veterinarian Daniella Schutzengel

two dog patients

Whether you live locally or are visiting the Cape, we strive to know our clients and their pets as friends and as neighbors. We cater to customers who truly love their pets and are willing to be partners in providing them with the best possible medical care. Our emphasis on preventative healthcare and education ensures that each of our patients remains well throughout his or her lifetime. Just as each of us have particular medical needs based on our age, history, genetics and lifestyles, so do our dogs and cats.

Our aim is to tailor each animal’s preventative healthcare program, vaccination schedule, medical and surgical experience to her or his own personal situation and to that of their owner, our client.
We hold ourselves to the very highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect and are proud to serve those of you who appreciate these qualities in us.