We perform dental cleanings, major oral surgery, extractions if necessary, and digital dental radiography with state of the art dental and anesthetic monitoring equipment. Dr. Schutzengel was trained by Dr. Charles A. Williams, a board certified and nationally renowned veterinary dental surgeon.

All dental prophylaxes include ultrasonic scaling, subgingival curettage, polishing,fluoride treatment and sealing of teeth.  In addition, we encourage and teach owners to participate in their pet's oral health by brushing teeth at home.

The following video shows a dentistry being performed on a feline patient with cavities (cervical line lesions) that required gingival flap surgery, xrays , extractions and suturing of extraction sites. Because we believe in good intra and post-op pain management, this patient was up and walking within 30 minutes of coming off anesthesia.


Taking Pet dental x-raysTaking dental x-raysPet surgical dentistry Dr. Schutzengel performing a dentistry

Abscessed canine tooth x-rayX-ray of abscessed toothX-ray of canine normal toothX-ray of normal tooth