The McDuff Fund

The McDuff fund is a public assistance donation fund that was created and named in honor of one of our patients.  In conjunction with Dr. Schutzengel, McDuff's owners seeded this fund as a way to provide financial assistance for a clinic patient who may need medical care that their owners cannot afford.  These donations are not tax deductable - just a good deed for someone in need. Many of our clients donate small or large amounts when they come in for an appointment.  In fact, it's not unusual that a past "recipient" becomes a donor when their circumstances improve - our very own AAAH "pay it forward"!  When an animal has been helped through the fund, we update all donors as to their "story" so that they can see how their donation has helped. 

Great examples of utilizing this fund is noted on our Patient Stories page.

Ozzy, "An Unlikely Success Story"

McDuff the cat


Please consider donating to the McDuff Fund to help others in need.


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