Client Comments

 Connie B., Vermont

Thank you so very much for your devoted, thorough, professional care of Wadsworth.  We appreciate greatly the compassion you offered even on a holiday when it was supposed to be time for a needed break. We are fortunate to have you in Wellfleet!

Richard T. Young, Michigan 

We were on Cape Cod and our dog hurt her knee in the late afternoon on Wednesday. She was in quite a bit of pain which did not resolve itself overnight. I called on Thursday morning, around 7:30 a.m. thinking I would leave a message. To my pleasant surprise the doctor answered the phone and I told her our story. She said the schedule on Friday is wide open...but your dog is in a lot of pain so call me back at 10:30, that will give me time to fit her into the schedule. An hour later I was called and told we were all set for 11 a.m. We were greeted at the door by extremely attentive staff. We were registered and taken to an exam room by the doctor. She performed a thorough history and exam provided her diagnosis and treatment. And we were on the road within 45 minutes! She was also in contact with our vet at home to coordinate information.

 What great, professional service. We recommend Ark Angel without reservation. It was the kind of service that next time we visit the Cape we will stop in just to say hi!

Elena R., Brookline, Massachusetts

Wow.  My sweet dog had an ear infection and foot problem.  I went to vets in the city and honestly, they kind of didn't deal with it.  This vet is the REAL THING!  She really cares about your pet, it's so obvious.  This is a great vet who you kind of happen to meet while you are on the Cape on vacation and then fall in love with.  So my feeling is, yes I can go to a vet in the city, but my puppy gets the best care at her practice.  Ark Angel is now our best vet.  She's super good.

Kevin Harte, Galway, Ireland

I needed veterinary services for an older sick cat today, New Year's Day. Every other vet I tried to contact today was understandably unavailable. Thank goodness Dr. Schutzengel responded to an early morning email and took my calls. She offered to see my cat anytime I wanted, even today, or tomorrow when most veterinary services are still closed. We talked by phone a number of times and we decided that our own treatment to the cat at home is sufficient for now though she reminded me she was available should the condition deteriorate. What a relief and what an incredible service. Thank you Dr. Schutzengel - you are an angel and the pets on Cape Cod are fortunate to have you around !!

Judy Mills, Pennsylvania

A special thank you to the folks at Ark Angel. Our 14 year old chihuahua, Bibi had a seizure while we were visiting the area from Pennsylvania. Needless to say we did not know it was a seizure at the time and were quite frantic. Thanks to Dr Duni who stayed on the phone with us for awhile. When we returned to Pennsylvania and took Bibi to the vet, she also said it was a seizure. Thank you Ark Angel for being there for us!

Monadnock M., Provincetown, MA

I needed veterinary services for an older sick cat today, New Year's Day. Every other vet I tried to contact today was understandably unavailable. Thank goodness Dr. Schutzengel responded to an early morning email and took my calls. She offered to see my cat anytime I wanted, even today, or tomorrow when most veterinary services are still closed. We talked by phone a number of times and we decided that our own treatment to the cat at home is sufficient for now though she reminded me she was available should the condition deteriorate. What a relief and what an incredible service. Thank you Dr. Schutzengel - you are an angel and the pets on Cape Cod are fortunate to have you around !!

Bonnie C., Montclair, NJ

My dog Buffy is an old girl with cancer. When she had a urinary track infection, Duni took us in immediately. No veterinarian has ever conducted a more thorough examination on any dog I've had. She has since responded to my emails and reviewed test results with me in detail over the phone.  

Together, we are working to keep Buffy comfortable for as long as possible. I know my girl in the best possible hands. Thank you!


Printed in the Provincetown Banner, November 2016.   

"Thankful to the Outer Cape"

 I wanted to share a story about a recent experience my girlfriend and I had in Provincetown that was very bittersweet, but left us compelled to share . . .

My girlfriend Caitlin and I were in Provincetown with friends over the weekend - we love the second weekend of Women's Week and have been coming to it for as long as I can remember. Like so many others, Provincetown is a favorite place of ours to visit. On this particular trip, we were talking about all the things we love about it. There's that indescribable feeling you get when you walk on Commercial Street, the beautiful beaches, the bars & restaurants, the arts, culture and entertainment. Then there is the community, how friendly and happy people are, and how dog-friendly everything is. We always love bringing our Golden Retriever Molly - she loves the ocean and she gets to go into the stores, not to mention she's in all her glory when she's getting attention on Commercial Street - or this past weekend at the Aqua Bar, where people were loving on her the entire time we were there.

The weekend started off as fun as ever but on Sunday morning, we noticed that Molly was coughing. We took her out for a walk, heading into the center of town, when she suddenly collapsed on the side of Bradford Street. Within seconds, so many people stopped to see if Molly was ok and how they could help. Multiple people made phone calls to help us find a vet. With a couple different options, one woman who was very calm and comforting, explained to me that she'd found a vet in Wellfleet who would see us. While I spoke with the vet, there were others helping Caitlin lift Molly into the car. Before we left, I remember asking the woman who found the vet for her name, wanting to remember and thank her (and not really thinking through how I'd find her again) and as she told me her name, she said "it doesn't matter" - which to me meant looking for thank yous from us was the last thing on her mind. So very selfless. We later found out her name was Marie Pace.

As we raced off to the vet, the drive to Wellfleet felt like it took forever. Stuck behind slow cars when the road was one lane, we were sad and scared, but our girl Molly had sat up and stuck her head out the window, which gave us some hope that maybe it wasn't as bad as we thought it might be. We arrived at the Methodist Church in Wellfleet where Dr. Schutzengel (or Duni, as she introduced herself) was volunteering at the Oyster Fest. We pulled up and the parking attendant immediately knew who we were and directed us to the back of the lot, where the doctor had a mobile set up. She got into the back of our Jeep, gave Molly an exam, told us what it might be and said we'd need to go to her office a few miles away. Riding with the doctor and her assistant, Courtney, was very comforting even while we knew we were likely facing some bad news.

A few minutes later we arrived at the Ark Angel Animal Hospital, a sweet yellow Cape house on 6A in Wellfleet. The office was warm and for being in the situation we were in, we were grateful to not be in a stale hospital-like setting. They brought Molly in, put her on the x-ray table, and it only took a second after the x-ray was taken to learn the bad news. Molly had cancer that we were unaware of that had metastasized to her lungs. The prognosis was not good. The doctor explained to us that we could seek a second opinion from our vet in Boston but also really clearly conveyed to us that Molly was in pain. We had no choice but to put down our sweet girl Molly.

When the time came, Caitlin and I showered Molly with kisses, kept petting her and just kept feeling her soft, velvety ears. It was heartbreaking but for such a sad situation we were comforted by the quiet around us, the warmth of the office and our ability to be there with Molly as we had to let her go.

It is hard to believe that from the time she collapsed in Provincetown until the time we got back there without her was only about two hours. And that from the time we left Boston with her until the time we got back without her was just two days. We are so sad and in disbelief. Even through our tears and knowing it is true, it seems completely surreal. We are heart broken and we feel so empty.

At times like this it is hard to find comfort but there are a few things we were able to find comfort in and be grateful for. We are grateful for the kindness of strangers, stopping on Bradford St. to help people they didn't even know - these are the people who helped us find Dr. Schutzengel and get Molly into the car so we could get her help.

We are grateful for Dr. Schutzengel and Courtney for their amazing care, comforting beside manner and fast diagnosis, which minimized the time Molly was in pain for. We are thankful for the calm and the warmth of the Ark Angel Animal Hospital that gave us our last moments with Molly in a quiet, private space.

We are grateful that Molly didn't suffer. She lived her life normally right up until the last hour of her life. She was completely in her element on Saturday, getting love from the Provincetown crowds.

We are so thankful that we were with Molly all weekend. Caitlin has had her since she was a pup and I was lucky enough to know her for the last four years of her almost ten years of life. Caitlin knew her girl so well enough to know that something wasn't right and she acted quickly.

We don't know most of the people who stopped to help us but we are so, so grateful. and truly know it shows the spirit of Provincetown. For anyone who wondered what happened to our sweet girl, we hope this reaches them, along with our deepest gratitude.

Thank you,
Heidi Lasker & Caitlin Shelton


Ronnie Hiney
What an amazing hospital. Today we brought our beloved dog Molly to this facility. The doctor was passionate, caring and understanding. Molly went to dog heaven and we were able to support her. The staff was supportive and loving. Thank you for making this experience easy. Any one coming to Wellfleet and needing a veterinarian please contact Dr. Daniella Schutzengel. A very compassionate, loving, understanding doctor. Her staff is first class.

Fran Goldstein, Wellfleet, MA

"I have been going to Ark Angel Animal Hospital for many years now.  I have a beautiful rescue beagle (Ebby) who is skittish and scared of vets.  In the past I took her to another vet (on the Cape) who actually misdiagnosed Ebby and scared me!!!  My trust factor was not very high when I first went to Ark Angel Animal Hospital.   In a few minutes, I knew I had come to the right place.

Duni is amazing!  Ebby actually loves going to see her. Honestly, I have had a couple close calls this past year where Ebby slipped a disc in her back and was in a great deal of pain. I, of course, feared the worst.
Duni was able to treat her non -invasively with immediate results.  She always gives me options and explains each protocol and the benefits as  well as side effects. I am confident of her expertise and intimate knowledge of Ebby's medical history.

I now live off Cape and drive 2 hours to see Duni when Ebby needs anything.  I trust her and her wonderful staff totally, and am grateful for Ark Angel Animal Hospital.  They are the Cape's best kept secret - state of the art equipment and never rushed. Duni has such passion for her work and compassion for those of us dog owners who are so attached to their dogs.   I even get follow up calls post visits to check up on Ebby!  I can't recommend Ark Angel Animal Hospital highly enough."


Bryan Montanio, Oregon (formerly Wellfleet, MA)

"Dr. Schutzengel has played an integral role in my dog Brody’s life from the very beginning.  She helped me pick him out from a foster care organization and gave him his first physical to insure his health.  She instructed me in training methods, suggested types of bowls and leashes, and has now served as his vet for years.  Although I can think of no one I would rather take Brody to in the event of a serious medical issue or emergency, much of her practice focuses on maintaing longterm health through good practice and preventative measures.  Over the years, Dr. Schutzengel has showed me what to look for in a quality food, taught me how to brush Brody’s teeth, clean out his ears, and clip his nails, and learn how to inspect if he is the proper weight by feeling his ribs and spine.  I recently moved from Wellfleet and finding a new veterinarian has not been easy.  The high level of medicine, comfort, and trust to which I have become a ccustomed is not ubiquitous.  I cannot thank or recommended her enough.  For all the love, care, and patience she has shown Brody and I, Dr. Schutzengel has become much more to us than a vet, Dani has become a very dear friend.

Erika Markou, Waltham, MA

"Duni and Ark Angel Animal Hospital took superb, loving care of our cat Nicky both during a medical crisis on vacation and over the subsequent months of follow-up care.  

She stayed an hour after closing to accommodate our emergency, diagnosed an issue our “home” vet had missed, and researched the best treatments options for Nicky on her own time.  She treated both our cat and us with the utmost care, respect and kindness, as well as outstanding skill and proficiency.  

As a life-long pet owner I have worked with many vets in 4 different states and without a doubt Dani and Ark Angel Animal Hospital are miles above the rest in terms of knowledge, skill, professionalism and overall quality of care (of both the animal and the owner).  We feel so strongly about this that we now drive 2 hours to Wellfleet to see Dani when our pets need veterinary care.  She is more than worth the trip!"

Erik Ovalle, Provincetown, MA

"In searching for a vet, with all the horror stories and irregular hours kept by vets in P-town, I ended up at Ark Angel when recommended by a wonderful (not even expensive) visit to an ER for pets, CARE in Dennisport MA. .  We arrived at a small, quaint house on Route 6 to be grated by Katelyn.  I fell in love.  It wasn't with her eyes but the way she looked at Prince, my little Mexican mutt who barks in Spanish, that made me feel I was at the right place…

Dr Daniella, the mind behind all of this with a big smile, made us feel that we were coming into her home as we boarded the RV.  A cool, petite Italian vet with a great story on her finding herself in Wellfleet with amazing charisma, a good sense of humor and an undeniable love for animals.

All I can say is, not only did I feel at home and my Mexican mutt treated with such care, but she took the time to talk to me about all my concerns.  I had just had the first, and hopefully last, ER visit with 8 year old Prince and I had so many questions.  After living in P-town for almost 20 years, I finally found a place that is everything I could have hoped for and was still reasonable financially, often really hard to find on the Outer Cape.

If you find yourself looking for a local vet, a 2 home vet or just someone to make a new friend, stop by and see the new vet in town. It's the best vet experience "ever" the second best experience was at CARE, I will be eternally grateful for them sending me to Ark Angel Animal Hospital."


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