The Yellow House

The yellow houseArk Angel Animal HospitalThe hospital is located in a lovely vintage house that, according to the records of the Wellfleet Historical Society, was built in the late 1700s. Its most famous inhabitants were Charlie Paine and his horse Diamond.

In 1903, Mr. Guglielmo Marconi transmitted the first Wireless Trans-Atlantic message to King Edward VII of England.  Marconi hired Charlie to ride Diamond with this news to Wellfleet from where it was relayed to President Roosevelt.  Marconi admonished Charlie to "Drive like the wind and if you kill your horse I'll get you another one."

Though he got the message* through, Charlie slowed his horse down as soon as he was out of Marconi's sight because, "I wasn't going to kill my horse--not even for Marconi, the King of England, or the President of the United States."

Charlie Paine


Certainly Charlie would be tickled to know that his little house has become our modern country doctor veterinary clinic.

Charlie Paine and his horse Diamond


*The return message sent from the King:

To the President, the White House, Washington, America: I thank you most sincerely for the kind message which I have just received from you through Marconi’s transatlantic wireless telegraph. I sincerely reciprocate in the name of the people of the British Empire the cordial greetings and friendly sentiment expressed by you on behalf of the American nation, and I heartily wish you and your country every possible prosperity."

Edward R., Sandringham, January 19, 1903.

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